A Shot For Life, Inc.

2014 A Shot For Life Challenge (Massachusetts)

The 2014 A Shot For Life Challenge took place on August 2nd at the University Sports Complex in Hanover, Massachusetts. For the first time in our history we introduced a female division as well as a male division. As always, the very talented shooters who make up our program have committed to raising money for cancer research. By being invited to our program, the following shooters are officially recognized as the best 16 shooters in the state of Massachusetts for the 2013-2014 basketball season. To win the A Shot For Life Challenge officially names the winner "The Best Shooter in Massachusetts". In doing so, the winner earns a spot in the A Shot For Life Hall of Fame and gets their number retired for all future ASFL events.

To be selected for the A Shot For Life Challenge is an extremely competitive process lasting throughout the entire high school season. Being selected to the A Shot For Life Challenge brings these shooters into the ASFL Family which is something we take very seriously. We take great pride in our shooters' successes both on and off the floor. A very small number of high school players will earn the privilege of wearing the ASFL logo on their chest competitively and the following young athletes should be greatly commended for using their talents to make the world a better place.

2014 Male Roster:

Jake Foote #20 (Duxbury)

Efthim Butka #31 (North Quincy)

Paul Calobrisi #21 (Westwood)

Shaquan Murray #3 (New Mission)

Matt Hanna #22 (Catholic Memorial)

Ryan Roach #21 (Cardinal Spellman)

Chris Rodgers #12 (Franklin)

Matt Kelley #12 (Canton)

Ryan Boulter #23 (Mansfield)

Tommy Mobley #12 (Newton North)

Denis Tobin #31 (Catholic Memorial)

Drew Myers #33 (Quincy)

Mike Nelson #2 (Bishop Feehan)

Jack Loughnane #5 (BC High)

Brandon Twitty #1 (Catholic Memorial)

Joey Downes #3 (Sandwhich)

2014 Female Roster

Hayley Wardwell #22 (Cardinal Spellman)

Sam Hyslip #21 (Westford Academy)

Infiniti Thomas-Waheed #45 (Newton North)

Alana Gilmer #22 (Archbishop Williams)

Katie Nelson #4 (Bishop Feehan)

Bridget Herlihy #15 (Braintree)

Ashley Russell #10 (Braintree)

Emma Forbes #2 (North Attleboro)

Vanessa Edgehill #15 (Rivers)

Kelly Fogarty #1 (Walpole)

The Boys division was won by Westwood's Paul Calobrisi who shot 87.7%. The Girls division was won by Walpole's Kelly Fogarty who shot 86.7%. Both Paul and Kelly's numbers will be retired. However, Kelly is young enough that she could compete again if she chooses.